Barrel of Monkeys Game

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Product Description

What's more fun than a barrel of monkeys? This famous game of skill is deceptively simple -- see how many monkeys you can link together in the shortest time. Can you hook all twelve into a chain without dropping one? All pieces store conveniently in a colorful plastic barrel.

Play Barrel of Monkeys: Tip the Barrel of Monkeys onto a table or flat surface and then use one of the monkeys to pick up the remaining eleven. You must not use your hands or anything else to assist. Should one or more of the monkeys fall off, the game is over. It sounds easy until you try!

Barrel of Monkeys can be played by any number of people. You can even play alone, however, players should set themselves a time limit and then try to better their own time with each attempt.

A player who manages to pick up all 12 monkeys in less than 1 minute is usually considered a "Genius", a "True Champion" within 2 minutes, a "Superior Player" in less than 3 minutes, an "Outstanding Player" in less than 4 minutes and "Average" for 5 minutes. Any attempt that takes more than 5 minutes should be attempted again!

AGES: 3+ years

Available in Blue, Purple or Orange Barrels. One barrel of monkeys game will be supplied.  Colour chosen at random


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