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Fun and economical toys that go the extra mile!

Known for their scooters that “grow with your child”, Globber’s cleverly designed toys and accessories are the best companions for your kid’s outdoor adventures, allowing for safety, memory making and fun!

  • Globber 3 Wheel Primo Plus Scooter - Dark Blue
  • Globber 3 Wheel My Free Fold Up - LED Front Flash Wheels - Green
  • Globber Primo Fantasy Lights w/ Printed Deck & Flashing Front Wheels - Neon Pink

Globber’s three-wheeled scooter is their signature piece, with adjustable components to suit children aged 12 months through to 3 years old. As they get older, they then graduate onto the next set of kick scooters for older children.

Globber’s commitment to safety and quality makes them the responsible choice for children’s scooters, providing great peace of mind to parents and a great developmental tool for toddlers as they grow.


Why choose Globber scooters?

  • Innovation at its core — Unleash the power of cutting-edge technology with Globber's inventive designs. Globber's brilliant minds in France and their engineering team collaborate to reinvent the classic scooter, introducing patented folding systems, adaptive rides and steering mechanisms that build balance and motor skills.
  • Safety first, always — With Globber scooters, your family's safety is paramount. Globber rides are not only adorned with timeless style but have earned #1 rankings on mechanical, chemical and safety tests by international certification regimes.
  • Timeless style, true function — Born in France and built for all, Globber scooters embody distinction and iconic design. Quality isn't just claimed with Globber but proven with award-winning designs and a commitment to excellence inherent in Globber scooter DNA.
  • Joy for every family — Globber's mission is simply to bring joy to families worldwide. Whether it's through first steps, scoots or everyday adventures, Globber is there, celebrating life's moments and creating lasting memories.
  • Eco-friendly choices — Join Globber and Discount Toy Co. in building a greener world on wheels. From the Globber Junior Scooters and the Globber Primo Scooters to Globber 3-wheel scooters and Globber 2-wheel scooters, you can choose from a varied range of eco-friendly scooters and safety equipment that not only prioritise your child's joy and safety but also contribute to a sustainable future.


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