Discover the charm of Corolle dolls in Australia

Whether you’re looking for dolls to add to your collection or a gift for your loved ones, Discount Toy Co. is Australia's premier destination for Corolle dolls. Crafted from premium materials, these dolls offer a soothing softness, ideal for comfort and endless cuddles.

With a variety of easily removable outfits, a Corolle doll encourages children to express themselves through play, enhancing fine motor skills and fostering a love for storytelling.

Explore our collection of Corolle baby dolls in Australia

From the tiny and adorable Mini Corolline to large dolls like the Mon Grand Corolle 42cm, our selection is designed to inspire imaginative play and create heartwarming memories.

Are you looking for talking dolls in Australia? Meet Lucille, the cuddly 17-inch interactive baby doll perfect for your little one to love and care for, just like a real baby! Lucille comes alive with touch, featuring various sensors and four adorable accessories that make her react and respond with 20 different sounds. From giggles and sneezes to burps and kisses, Lucille offers a truly immersive parenting experience.

Mon Premier Poupon Corolle – For Ages 18 Months and Up

Discover the joy of early parenthood with the Mon Premier Poupon Corolle collection, tailored for the littlest caregivers:

  • Mini Calins — Adorable pocket-sized dolls perfect for tiny hands, ready for cuddles and comfort on the go.
  • Mon Premier Bébé Calin — These soft-bodied dolls are ideal first companions, offering a touch of tenderness to every hug.
  • Mon Premier Bébé Bath — Designed for water play, these dolls add fun to bath time, making every splash a memorable one.

Mon Grand Poupon Corolle – For Ages 2 Years and Up

Elevate the play experience with the Mon Grand Poupon Corolle collection, perfect for children ready for more advanced parenting adventures:

  • Bedtime — Tuck your baby doll in with cosy accessories for a good night's sleep, teaching routines and responsibility.
  • Mealtime — Enjoy feeding your doll with specially designed accessories, mimicking real-life mealtime bonding.
  • Exploring hygiene and potty training — Learn the basics of personal care with Corolle dolls that introduce hygiene habits and potty training in a fun way.
  • Hairstyling play — Experiment with hairstyles using dolls designed for hair play, sparking creativity and fine motor skills.

Corolle provides the most premium dolls designed in France, to be the perfect look, size, feel and scent for little ones to love and cherish. For the perfect doll for any girl, look no further than a Corolle Doll!

There is a doll for every age of your child's development. Browse our top Corolle dolls:

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