LEGO Technic — where fun meets function

Who said mechanics can't be fun? With LEGO Technic, every build is a new adventure into the world of moving parts. From spinning gears to zooming vehicles, Technic LEGO sets are where playtime gets a fun upgrade!


Every LEGO Technics set combines classic LEGO joy with a whole lot of engineering magic. Want a car that can actually move its wheels or a crane that really lifts? We have all that and more here at Discount Toy Co.


Elevate your play sessions as you watch your creations roll, swing, lift and more! With LEGO Technic, you get to rev up your LEGO fun with dynamic motion.


Building today's dreamers

Perfect for young minds (and the young at heart), LEGO Technic introduces you to the wonders of how things move and what makes them tick and spin. They're also equally fun for those who just want to build and play. The perfect blend of education and entertainment, Technic LEGO keeps everyone engaged and excited.


Shop with assurance

At Discount Toy Co., we want you to have the best shopping experience, wherever you are in Australia. While we're confident you'll love every LEGO Technic set you get from us, we also understand you’ll want to give your kids the freedom to change their minds. That's why we offer a change of mind return. If you or your budding builder change your mind, you can return any purchase within 14 days of receipt for a refund. It's all about ensuring you shop with peace and confidence. 


Infinite possibilities, infinite fun — shop at Discount Toy Co. today

Expand your LEGO universe with these intricate sets and test your limits with these builds that are as challenging as they are fun. From trucks and boats to supercars and construction machinery, there's a Technic model for every passion.


Ready to start your next building journey? At Discount Toy Co., we're committed to offering not just toys but also building blocks to new adventures and discoveries. Let your creativity run wild and discover infinite possibilities with LEGO Technics

If you’ve got any questions, feel free to reach out and we’ll be here. Grab a LEGO Technic set today and let the fun engineering begin!