Jellycat Soft Toys Range Online

A large selection of Jellycat’s famous bunny, along with more cuddly toys and children’s books


Super soft, cuddly and always adorable, Jellycat bunnies are always a hit with the little ones.


Coming in a range of fun colours, the Jellycat plush toy range is always a hit with both little girls and boys alike. From being the cuddle buddy in bed to the perfect companion on adventures, the Jellycat bashful bunnies and other animal friends are particularly popular.


Bring home a Jellycat for your bub

At Discount Toy Co., we curate our collection with the primary focus of bringing endless smiles to children all over Australia. Jellycat, with its rich history and unwavering commitment to quality, perfectly aligns with this mission. Each Jellycat toy and storybook is a testament to the art of making timeless treasures. 


By partnering with brands like Jellycat, we ensure every moment your child spends with our toys is filled with wonder, laughter and endless discovery. Trust in our choices because we choose with love, always.


A legacy of quality in every toy

Jellycat's commitment to durability and comfort shines through in every product they create. Take, for instance, the beloved Jellycat bunny. This crowd favourite is crafted to stand up to playtime escapades and countless machine washes, all while retaining its soft touch. With Jelly cat, no matter which toy you select, you're gifting your child a lasting cuddle buddy.


Discover the magic of Jellycat

There's something special about finding that perfect toy or book. With Jellycat, it feels like uncovering a hidden gem every time. These aren't just items on a shelf — they’re future bedtime favourites, lifetime sources of comfort.


From the softest stuffed animals that become instant favourites to the imaginative tales within Jellycat books, every item in our collection is thoughtfully designed to spark joy and kindle cherished memories for years to come.


Shop Jellycat toys and books with confidence at Discount Toy Co.

With a commitment to high quality and low prices, we hope you enjoy buying discounted Jellycat toys online from Discount Toy Co. 


We’re thrilled for every Jellycat toy to find a new home. But should you or your little one have second thoughts, our change of mind returns is here to assure you. Feel free to return any purchase within 14 days of receipt for a refund. We're here to ensure you shop with confidence and joy.

At Discount Toy Co., you have a team that genuinely cares. So if you’ve got any questions, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help. Be sure to browse through our other soft and plush toys online for more inspiration. Take a moment, look around and start a new adventure for your little one. Ready when you are.