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Koalas are marsupials solely native to Australia, because only there, these adorable animals find the food conditions they need. Koalas depend on eucalyptus trees and these bears are able to tolerate the slightly poisonous leaves without difficulty. A full-grown male can grow up to 85 cm and weigh up to 14 kg. Originally, koalas were all over Australia. Due to heavy hunting, large populations are now only to be found in the east coast. With their brownish to silver-grey fur, their bushy ears and their button eyes, koalas are an inspiration for many cuddly toys and in particular teddy bears. Along with kangaroos, koalas are considered the symbol of Australia.

Fun Facts: The pouch of a female Koala is open at the bottom.

Conservation Status: Endangered (EN)

Global Home: Australia

Primary Habitat: Forest

AGES: 3+ years


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